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Audio book reviews

Problems opening audio book reviews?

If you are experiencing problems opening the audio book reviews, please follow the instructions below.

1. Select the Audio review link at the top of the book review, as shown in the image below:

Select the audio review link

2. The File Download dialogue box will appear. Select the Save button:

File download dialogue box

3. The Save As dialogue box appears. Save the audio file to a local drive from the Save in drop-down menu. In the example below we have selected the local
C:\ drive:

Select a local drive to save the audio

4. Open Windows Explorer and find the location of the saved file. Double-click on the file name to launch it in your default audio player.

Open Windows Explorer and double-click to open the file

5. The audio review should automatically play in your default audio player. If you are still experiencing problems accessing the audio review, please email the Virtual Support Team at Ashridge: