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The E-Commerce Pocketbook

Pocketbook cover

by Will Rowan

The E-commerce Pocketbook is a useful introduction to setting up, managing and promoting an e-commerce channel. It sets out how to plan for working online, who should be involved, time, cost and quality issues, resources required and how to calculate cost and benefits. The first chapter defines e-commerce, citing seven things to know and eight things to do. The five business benefits of e-commerce are then explored, followed by details of how being online has dramatically affected businesses, especially with regard to the customer. In subsequent and separate chapters the author then explains how to promote a company online, how to manage search engines to raise visibility and how to create trust online through appropriate security and data protection. The concluding chapter lists eight steps to plan successful e-commerce. Each chapter ends with a useful action plan.

The E-Commerce Pocketbook – pdf format (1MB)