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The Interviewer's Pocketbook

Pocketbook cover

by John Townsend

The Interviewer's Pocketbook was voted 'best of its kind' in a review of books on interviewing carried out by Management Today magazine. 'Thought-provoking and amusing... the practical tips and insights are extremely helpful', it was reported. Author John Townsend believes The Interviewer's Pocketbook is the best book he has written! It begins by looking at the skills necessary for good interviewing, specifically: questioning techniques, listening skills and interpretation of body language. The next section deals with the different types of interview: recruitment, appraisal, counselling, fact-finding and disciplinary. It covers the interviewing techniques that should be applied in each situation and gives specific examples. The final section summarises the essential interviewing skills in the form of a series of useful, 'at-a-glance' tables.

The Interviewer's Pocketbook – pdf format (0.6MB)