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The I.T. Trainer's Pocketbook

Pocketbook cover

by Jooli Atkins

This pocketbook describes all the essentials of good training practice and puts these within the context of the world of information technology. The emphasis is on giving the reader reliable, practical advice that can be put to good use immediately and with minimum time and effort. The author begins by looking at training needs analysis and how adults learn, describing their different learning styles. She then goes on to cover technology, within which she explains how much you need to know about a particular application before you can train someone in its use. IT as a training delivery method is also dealt with. Central to the pocketbook are the chapters on how to structure learning events and how to adopt learner-centred training techniques. Creativity in IT training is also dealt with and there are useful tips on how to set up a suitable learning environment and what technology can be used to good effect. Learning evaluation is covered too. Illustrated throughout, The I.T. Trainer's Pocketbook draws on examples from author Jooli Atkins's own experience of IT training.

The I.T. Trainer's Pocketbook – pdf format (0.8MB)