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The Networking Pocketbook

Pocketbook cover

by Jon Warner

Anyone you might want to contact in the world is only 5-6 people contacts away from you, maintains Jon Warner in The Networking Pocketbook. He sees networking as a major social and life skill that can benefit both our working and personal life. The Networking Pocketbook details the four basic steps that lead to effective networking relationships, the so-called LINK: Learning (about needs, ours and other people's); Investing (making strong contacts); Nurturing (achieving a deeper relationship); and Keeping (maintaining the momentum). As the author leads readers through these four basic steps he progressively describes the seven key competencies needed for effective networking. These competencies relate to temperament/disposition, strategic planning, organisation, nurturing, communications, socialising and persistence. 'Encouraging advice for those short on networking confidence', says Management Today journal.

The Networking Pocketbook – pdf format (0.7MB)