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Management pocketbooks

Printing multiple pages onto one sheet

The following steps will show you how to print multiple pages of the Management Pocketbook series onto one sheet.

1. Select the Management Pocketbook you would like to print, the link will launch the pocketbook in the web browser.

2. Select the print button from the Adobe Acrobat toolbar as displayed below.

Adobe Acrobat print button

3. The Print dialogue box will appear. Ensure 'All' is selected in the Print Range section then select the 'Properties' button as shown below:

Adobe Acrobat print dialogue box

4. Select the 'Layout' tab, and click on the 'Pages Per Sheet' drop-down menu box. Select the number of pages (up to 16) you wish to print per sheet, 4 pages per sheet is recommended. Select OK and proceed to print as normal.

Document properties window