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The Problem Solving Pocketbook

Pocketbook cover

by Jonne Ceserani

The Problem Solving Pocketbook details a set of tools and structures with which to generate ideas, be creative when required, make choices when looking for new ways of working, and develop new solutions. The author begins by looking at perceptions and how they can promote problem-solving. Models are used to compare structured thinking with creative thinking. Techniques to become more innovative are listed and there is a description of the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the problem-solving process. Central to the book is the chapter on behaviour and organisational climate. It describes how to establish and maintain climates and cultures that support problem-solving, how to generate ideas, how to make choices, how to evaluate results and how to take action. In conclusion the author describes the 9-step problem-solving model that allows you to manage the energy and creativity of any group of people.

The Problem Solving Pocketbook – pdf format (1.4MB)