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The Resolving Conflict Pocketbook

Pocketbook cover

by Max A Eggert and Wendy Falzon

The Resolving Conflict Pocketbook explains what conflict is, how to recognise signs of conflict, how people react to it, how to develop strategies for dealing with it, how to resolve difficulties and how to deal with bullying and harassment. Causes of conflict are numerous and varied. Author Max Eggert's list includes distorted thinking (eg over-generalisations, taking things personally, believing you are always right), playing games (we've all played them!) and, of course, the male/female divide (even allowing for gross generalisations and stereotyping, differences between the sexes do exist and these can and do lead to conflict). In looking at conflict within the context of personality, Eggert draws on the work of Myers Briggs. How then to resolve the various forms of conflict? Eggert admits that there is no magic formula but puts forward a process that identifies where you are in the conflict cycle, what to expect next and what you should be working towards. Conflict and third party intervention (mediation and arbitration) is another area dealt with, as is team conflict and conflict between different elements of an organisation (departments, operational functions, etc).

The Resolving Conflict Pocketbook – pdf format (1.1MB)