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The Starting in Management Pocketbook

Pocketbook cover

by Patrick Forsyth

The army of people who move up into management positions for the first time grows daily. How prepared are they for those first few weeks, when they meet members of their team for the first time, when they conduct their first staff meeting and when they attempt to establish their own brand of leadership? There is only one opportunity to make a good start and this latest pocketbook should help new managers do just that. It looks at the challenge facing today's managers and at the skills they will require. Central to the book are team skills - creating staff loyalty and commitment, building working relationships that are constructive and creative, and forging teams that are successful. Communications, appraisals, goal setting, project co-ordination, empowerment and forward planning are among the numerous subjects covered.

The Starting in Management Pocketbook – pdf format (0.6MB)