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The Telesales Pocketbook

Pocketbook cover

by Peter Wyllie

The successful telesales person sounds enthusiastic, knows the product inside out, listens carefully and asks the right questions - and above all enjoys him/herself. The Telesales Pocketbook is full of advice and good ideas for everyone who uses the phone to generate sales and there are also useful tips for managers of telesales teams. Thousands of sales people and sales managers have attended the author's lively and humorous sales and management seminars. His firm grasp of both theory and practice is clearly evident in this pocketbook. He begins by looking at attitudes, interpersonal skills and preparation. Next he looks at the psychology of selling before mapping out the four key steps to making the sale. In the chapter on 'reducing resistance' four basic personality types are profiled and in each case the author gives suggestions for winning them over. There are also sample question-and-answer sessions, between prospect and salesperson, to demonstrate how to deal with a range of concerns. Practical and informative.

The Telesales Pocketbook – pdf format (0.9MB)