Virtual Learning Resource Centre

Frequently asked questions

If the problems you are experiencing are not listed below,
please email the Ashridge virtual support team:

Q: I keep getting a blank screen when accessing the VLRC

We might not support the browser you are using - check that the version of Internet Explorer is 5.0 and above or Netscape 4.7 and above. Internet Explorer 5.0 and Windows 2000 seem to have a problem with authenticated sites, so we recommend you upgrade to Internet Explorer 5.5, but check with your IT department first.

Q: The server login box keeps appearing and prompts me to enter my username and password

Your organisation may have high security and firewalls; check that the security setting within the browser is set to medium. To do this, click 'internet options' from the 'tools' menu, select the 'security' tab, then 'custom level'. Also ensure that the boxes within the 'content tab', under 'autocomplete' are ALL checked!

Q: The automatic URL keeps prompting for a username and password

Check that the version of Internet Explorer is 5.0 and above - this link will not work with browser versions less than 4.0.

Q: When submitting the results in the SAQ questionnaire, the page displays no recommendations

The SAQ is written in in Lotus Domino and cookies have to be enabled. To do this, click 'internet options' from the 'tools' menu, select the 'security' tab, 'custom level', then 'cookies' and select 'enable cookies'. Also check that there is a level difference of at least two to trigger any results; for example if I select that I have 'some competence' with Business Awareness, it has to be at least 'very important' on the scale of job importance to recommend the relevant resources.

Q: I have a problem accessing some parts of the VLRC via my AOL account

AOL modifies the Internet Explorer browser. To resolve the problem, select the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop and access the VLRC via the Internet Explorer browser and not through the customised AOL interface.

Q: The following message keeps popping up: Do you wish to be logged in automatically? Click 'OK' for yes or 'cancel' for no

The autologin setting in internet options should be turned off. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. right mouse click on your Internet Explorer logo and select 'properties'
  2. click the 'security' tab
  3. select the 'internet' icon, then click the 'custom level' button
  4. scroll down to the security settings window to the bottom
  5. select the option 'prompt for user name and password'
  6. then repeat steps 3 -5 but this time for local intranet icon
  7. select OK, close the browser and login again.