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The VLRC is updated on a regular basis with new content being added on various topics throughout the month. This section lists the new content that has been added this month. If you have any comments or would like to recommend any topics that we have not already covered, please Contact the VLRC content manager or submit your recommendations by completing the feedback form.

Book reviews

The following books have been reviewed by Edgar Wille and Kevin Barham, both Ashridge associates:

  1. Collapse by Jared Diamond, 2005
  2. Return on ideas by David Nichols, 2007
  3. A survival guide for working with humans by Gini Graham Scott, 2004

Learning guides

The new Talent management and succession planning learning guide explores the concept of strategic talent management and the succession planning process associated with it. Coverage includes definitions of talent management and talent management components and the guide provides hints and tips on effective talent management and succession planning strategies, further resources and developmental activities.

The following learning guides have had online quiz exercises added to them:

Each quiz has between 15 and 20 questions and upon completion, users will receive an on-line score indicating their performance in the quiz. Upon completion an answer sheet will also be available.

Economic trends


  1. Airlines and airports industry - September 2007
  2. Automotive industry - September 2007
  3. Education industry - September 2007
  4. Insurance industry - September 2007
  5. Travel and leisure industry - September 2007


  1. Banking industry - October 2007
  2. Electronics industry - October 2007
  3. High street retail industry - October 2007
  4. Local government - October 2007
  5. Virtual worlds - October 2007

Useful website

The latest useful website provides information on the benefits of a
mixed-age workforce.