Virtual Learning Resource Centre

New VLRC user?

Welcome to Ashridge Business School’s Virtual Learning Resource Centre (VLRC), a unique, on-line library of learning materials and business information to support career development.

Don’t know where to start? The sections below will give you practical advice and tips for getting the most out of the VLRC.

Getting started

If you’re new to the concept of self managed development, work through the
Self managed development learning guide. With a mix of theory, practical advice and exercises these resources will help you to identify areas needing improvement and prioritise your learning.

Complete the Self assessment questionnaire and you will be presented with a personalised selection of relevant Ashridge Learning Guides and/or Pocketbooks to work through, based on your answers to the questions.

VLRC “at a glance”

This guide contains an easy-to-use site map, a concise description of content areas on the VLRC and an “at a glance" list of topic areas covered by learning materials on the VLRC.

VLRC on-line demonstration

View an on-line demonstration of the VLRC (Please note you require Adobe Flash Player 6 and above to view this online demo).

VLRC userguide

Download the VLRC userguide which contains hints and tips to make the most of the VLRC resources.

Planning your career development

Work through the Career development section of the VLRC, which will assist you with your career planning.