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This learning guide was written by Bob Jack, a management consultant and specialist in management development and training. It is one of a series produced by the Learning Resource Centre. Each guide sets out to give you a quick summary of the main theories on a particular topic backed up by a practical commentary based on Ashridge's long experience of consulting on teaching management issues. We hope that it whets your appetite for more information. The guide points you in the direction of other sources such as key books, articles and videos.

Where to start

If you have less than an hour, read the overview section and the short best practice essay Writing great e-mails. Once you have read the overview section, test your knowledge by the attempting the short quiz.

In addition try some of the development activities. If you have longer, watch the recommended videos in full, read the key articles listed, or explore some of the useful websites. These are listed in the resources section.

Last modified: 25/09/2007